Aamara Biswas Center

Odisha, India (2007)


Aamara Biswas Center
The Aamara Biswas center is situated in Garama village of Jagatsingpur district. This was only possible due to some donor's kind financial support. The first floor is used by the sewing training and production unit and the Sanitary Napkin unit.  The second floor is kept for different training purposes. Aamara Biswas's future plan is to make the center self sustained by creating different production materials. The women have their meetings in the center and they truly take a pride for the existence of the center. They feel the center belongs to them..

AB Center_2016SNU_IMG_1839

Sewing Training and production Unit            Sanitary Napkin Unit

Women gathering  for a meeting                                 Aamara Biswas Center

 Aamara Biswas Center 
 Village: Garama                        
 P.O.: Chanarpur

 Via: Alanahat
 Dist: Jagatsinghpur
 Odisha: 754107

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