Sanitary Napkin Units

Odisha, India (2007)


Sanitary Napkin Unit

Aamara Biswas started the Sanitary Napkin Unit in 2015. It is a difficult and challenging project to sustain in a short time period. At the same time, it is a very important project to support the women’s health. It is encouraging to see how, in a few years, the women of the villages have become aware of the importance of using disposable sanitary napkins. Once they use it, they don’t want to go back to the old style. However, the price of the pads must be affordable. Currently, the cost of making the pads is more than the sale price. Also, the women earns some money by making and selling the pads. In 2016, we raised enough money through gofundme campaign and some personal donations for buying a machine to make pads with wings and buying raw materials. 


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