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Our Biswas  started the Nano Finance (NF) concept in US on August 4, 2020 in collaboration with Community Development Finance (CDF), a California based nonprofit whose work is perhaps unique in the country. 

Our Biswas has implemented the NF system in India and Uganda through local organizations, Aamara Biswas and Clover Foundation and is extremely successful. The system truly helps the people who are in extreme poverty.  

Daniel M. Leibsohn is President, Executive Director and Founder of CDF and is also the founder of Capital Flows, a community development consulting company. Mr. Leibsohn has dedicated his life for the people who live in extreme poverty and he calls it social justice.  Please visit the website to know more about CDF;  

The Guidelines for Interest Free loans:

  1. Both payday loans and installment loans will be made with zero interest up to $500.  
  2. The funds will be used to target loans to help people who are the lowest income possible and need the greatest amount of assistance, but who can still repay the loans. 
  3. Minimum payment is $50 per month with higher amounts for those who can repay higher amounts. 
  4. No prepayment penalty will be charged for early repayment and borrowers will be encouraged to repay early if possible. 
  5. A borrower can borrow funds up to 5 times over any twelve-month period if there are no other NF/CDF outstanding loans.  
  6. The final loan amounts will be based on applicant’s income and ability to repay.  

The Importance of repayment/re-circulation of NF Loan:

  1. The borrower must understand the value of the small interest free loan, importance of returning it, and how it can help them and others in a similar 
  2. situation.  
  3. The system has a great deal of flexibility for borrowers to pay back the loan 
  4. in a time period that fits their incomes and capacity to repay.      
  5. It is extremely important to pay back the loan, not only to help the borrowers but others as well and also for the sustainability of the NF system.

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