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Clover Foundation

Clover's mission is to provide vulnerable children in the urban neighborhoods of Kampala, Uganda with early childhood education, support their health and wellbeing, and empower them to reach their full potential.

In April 2016, Our Biswas introduced the Nano Finance concept for the first time outside of Odisha, India. The project was started to help the Clover mothers by giving small interest free financial assistance through the Nano Finance project. We thank the board members of Clover Foundation for their trust and giving an opportunity to Our Biswas for expanding the Nano Finance concept outside India.  

Please visit www.clover-foundation.org to learn about the organization.

Community Development Finance (CDF)
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Community Development Finance (CDF) is a nonprofit organization with the goal of creating new financial institutions, products, and approaches to serve low-income neighborhoods. 

Our Biswas starts the Nano Finance project in Oakland, USA, in collaboration with CDF on August 4, 2020, during the COVID pandemic time to help the families who are in extreme need. We also believe, the Nano Finance project will supplement the payday loan system. We thank  the board members of CDF for their trust in the NF project.  
Please visit www.communitydevelopmentfinance.org to learn about the organization.  

Vermont Associates for Mexican Opportunity and Support (VAMOS)

The mission of Vermont Associates for Mexican Opportunity and Support (VAMOS) organization is to empower Mexico’s poor by offering educational and job opportunities along with basic human services, in a culture of love and respect for all.  

Our Biswas is happy to announce the new partnership with VAMOS to start the Nano Finance project in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Our Biswas is very thankful to VAMOS for this partnership and for wanting to develop this new approach to give financial assistance to the women of VAMOS.  Please visit www.vamosinmexico.org to learn about the organization.

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